Application Payment

We currently offer online payments for the following permit, notification / application fees and other charges. To make a payment enter either the Payment Reference Number from your invoice in the Payment Reference field at the bottom of the screen, or enter the Application Number (as detailed in table below) in the Application Number field at the bottom of the screen.
  Reference Number to use Format of Application Number
General Enquiry Application No. BInfYY/00001
Plan and Permit Request (Archive) Application No. BInfYY/00001
Property Info Application No. BInfYY/00001
Property Information (Solicitors Advice) Application No. BInfYY/00001
Building Report and Consent Application No. BR&CYY/00001
Building Surveyor Consulting Application No. BConYY/00001
Liquor Licence Consulting Application No. BConYY/00001
Building permits within Boroondara Application No. Bapp/YY/00001
Building permits outside Boroondara Application No. Bext/YY/00001
Building Enforcement Fees Application No. BldEYY/00001
Swimming Pool and Spa Register Application No. BCompYY/00001 / BPOOLYY/00001
Registration (Food Act) Application No. HF/YY/00001
Registration (Health & Wellbeing Act) Application No. HH/YY/00001
Note: The above applications can only be paid on existing application where an invoice has been issued.
Commercials Street Furniture Permit No. CSF00001
Skip Permits Permit No. SP00001
Traders Parking Permits Permit No. TA00001 / TQ00001 / TNS00001
Tradesperson Parking Permits Permit No. TPM00001 / TPE00001
Fire Hazard Removal Charge Reference No. FHR00001
Asset Protection Application No. APP/YY/0001
Vehicular Crossing Permit Application No. VCP/YY/0001
Road Opening Permit Application No. ROP/YY/0001
Planning Permit Fees Application No. PPYY/00001
Amendment to Permit Fees Application No. PostYY/00001
Planning Advertising Fees Application No. PPYY/00001
Permit Amendment Advert Fees Application No. PostYY/00001
Subdivision Certification Fees Application No. SubCerYY/00001
Planning Enquiry Fees Application No. PENQYY/00001
Tree Application Fees Application No. TreeYY/00001
Tree PIN Infringement No. TOYY/001 / TreePINYY/00001
Planning Enforcement PIN Infringement No. PEAYY/001 / EnfPINYY/00001
Open Space Contribution Application No. SubCerYY/00001
S173 Agreement Application No. S173/YY/0001
Amendment to Permit (s72) Fees Application No. PPYY/0001.01
Extension of time for Permit Fees Application No. PEOTYY/0001
Secondary Consent Fees Application No. PSecYY/0001

For more assistance with making a payment, contact the City of Boroondara on (03) 9278 4444.

To start the payment process, enter your Application No or Payment Reference No and then click the 'next' button.

Payments to Council made by credit card will incur a payment surcharge that reflects the cost charged to Council per transaction for the relevant payment method.

The surcharge for each card type we accept is:
  • 1.03% for Visa cards
  • 1.03% for MasterCard
  • 0.88% for Amex
Please record the payment reference number that is provided after the transaction is processed, as the City of Boroondara is unable to generate a receipt for this payment.